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The best hair colours for brown eyes

LIVE Colour Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf

Brown is the most dominant eye colour shade out there, but as it’s made up of a mix of colours, there are loads of options to make those beautiful brown eyes stand out. We’ve picked the best colours that will have your brown and hazel eyes dazzling, including silver, blue and lilac.

Blue shades create an extreme contrast to your brown eyes, so if you opt for blue based hues, it’ll really make your eyes stand out. Blues work for the majority of colours the brown spectrum. As part of #generationcolour @irenadrezi is rockin’ the blues. Irena  has always wanted to try blue, and feels its a great contrast for her skin tone and helps to bring out her features

LIVE Colour Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf


Metallic colours go great with brown and hazel eyes and really make them glow. So, if you needed an excuse to try out the hottest hair colour trend, opt for a silver shade to get your eyes beaming.

LIVE Colour Hair Dye from Schwarzkopf


Charlotte Hole highlights the versatility of lilac colours in the new #generationcolour campaign. From all over colour, to ombre or highlights, how you colour is up to you.

Colours to avoid if you have brown eyes

White shades are probably best avoided if you have brown or hazel eyes as the colour can appear too bold in contrast - but your skin tone will also determine whether or not you can pull this shade off.

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